Saturday, February 20, 2021

List of My PowerPoint Lecture Topics


Aegean Archaeology

Cockles, Mussels, Fishing Nets and Finery

Enthroned Upon Mountains

Metascape and Power

Minoan Snake Goddess

Minoan Women’s Costume

Numinous Tree and Stone

Thalassocratic Charms

The Artifice of Daidalos

The Cultic Life of Trees

The Sacred Life of Trees

Traces of Places

Trance-former Performer

Tree Cult in Minoan Glyptic

Understanding the Language of Trees

Within You and Without You: Minoan Epiphany




Egypt – the Basics


Heka Egyptian Magic

Isis of the North / Celtic Egyptians

Nuit Whence the Star Goddess

Thelemic Witchcraft



Death in Ancient Mythology

Decadence and Domesticity

Graeco-Roman Magic

Isis in Rome

Magical Gems and Jewellery

Mediterranean Death

Mediterranean Witchcraft

The Suppression of the Bacchanalia


Near East / Levant

GannĂ´t or Not

Melbourne Museum Pres

On Every High Hill and Under Every Green Tree


The Bible and Archaeology: Who Were the Israelites?


Neo-Pagan / Historical / Modern Witchcraft

Researching the Past is a Foreign Country

The Devil’s Mischief



Celts: Modern Politics and Controversies

Image: Pierre Le Faguays, Faun and Nymph (1925).



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