Monday, September 6, 2021

Australian Wiccan Conference 2021 Online

I’m presenting this at the Australian Wiccan Conference online on 25 September:

The Devil’s Mischief: From the Book of Genesis to the Satanic Temple 

Who is the Devil and what is his association with witchcraft? This illustrated lecture will explain the history of the Devil and his relationship to ancient Pagan gods, biblical angels, special humans, and his connection to witchcraft today. It will also look how to utilise the Devil’s tools of glamour, bedazzlement, wonderment, and fascination via techniques of High and Low Magic. Through discussion and guided visualisation, ancient and modern approaches to enchantment will be revealed.




6:30pm Julia Phillips: Witches, Fairies, and Familiars

7:30pm Tamara Lampard: The Three Cycles of SoLuna Nemeton

8:30pm Virtual fireside


10:00am David Garland: The Star Tarot Spread

11:00am Break: Morning tea

11:30am Priestess Panel (Jo, Gabby, Julie, Mellie, Josie)

12:30pm Break: Lunch

1:00pm Queer Magic Panel (Dorian, Ryan, GL, Tamika, Bri, Rowan)

2:00pm Josephine Winter: Many paths up the mountain: visualization and ritual techniques for neurodiverse people

3:00pm Caroline Tully: The Devil's Mischief: from the Book of Genesis to the Satanic Temple

4:00pm Break: for individual ritual prep

5:30pm In-person or at home rituals


10:00am Blake Liddell: Haunted: Discussing spirits and ghosts with a Traditional Hedgewitch

11:00am Break: Morning tea

11:30am Julie: Invoking the Trickster

12:30pm Break: Lunch

1:00pm Ryan: Pinning down witchcraft: magic with nails, pins and thorns

2:00pm Gabrielle Cleary: Weaving the Paths of Power: Layering Techniques in Ritual

3:00pm e-occultism panel (Eryk, Akira, Julie Brett, Mïss Ťëä)

4:00pm Official close, moot, 2022 hosts announced