Saturday, April 5, 2008

Roman Religion

Yes... Roman Religion, that's what I'm currently studying and its also why I've neglected this blog so much.. Oh, and also because of Facebook and MySpace - in fact primarily because of those sites! Anyway, yes, I'm doing Roman Religion this semester and it is absolutely fascinating. In fact I specifically went to this university in 2004 as a mature age student order to study Roman Religion, but couldn't get round to it until this year (it wasn't offered, or I wasn't able to do it in other years). Last year I sat in on the 2nd/3rd year Roman Religion lectures but didn't do the essay work, as I was only sitting in... this year the content is a bit different, plus its a 4th year subject. So far I seem to be focussing on the scandal of the Bacchanalia of 186 BCE, the Vestal Virgins, and I'm not entirely sure what else. I like landscape, like the sacred aspects of the city of Rome... Yeah, I'll have to see what else takes my fancy. I'm also sitting in on New Kingdom Egypt and the World Beyond, because you can never know too much about Egypt, can you. Last week I helped at the DAIS conference, which was an international conference on Bronze Age Aegean feasting practices. Interesting! In 2010 the theme will be textiles and jewellry and it'll be held in Denmark. Gee, I might even be able to come up with a paper for that, possibly on votive garments.