Thursday, April 8, 2021

Gorgeous poem about me by Michele Mitrovitch



Bewitching Caroline, admirer of Holy Dionysus,

But not a mere Maenad - herself a goddess in the flesh,

Minoan sister to the winged and protective Isis,

She’s an epiphany among the sacred rocks and trees, so dewy-fresh.


Her copper-tinted, dark and wavy lengths of locks

Are crowned with a wreath bestowed on her by coven sisters

And like Bulgakov’s Margarita on a vernal equinox,

Abandoning her clothes, she flies, short-circuiting transistors.


She flies through inky-black and starry, moonlit skies

And whispers very ancient, closely guarded incantations,

Her skin aglow and fragrant with a secret potion’s spice,

She’s headed to a place of mysteries and pagan celebrations.


Her Tarot cards are spread and pentagrams are dampened

By drops of fresh and ruby-colored sacrificial blood,

With servant entities and spirits of ancestors honored, not abandoned,

Her power can heal or punish, stir a whirlwind or a flood,


But that’s by night and in her sacramental, secret lair,

But in the daylight - she’s a scholar, razor-sharp, creative and quick-witted,

Her learned colleagues hardly guess the source of her bewitching flair,

Only some chosen few to take a glimpse into her mysteries are graciously permitted.

This lovely poem was written by my friend, the Aegean archaeologist and all round multi-talented artist, Michele Mitrovitch. See more of her work here.


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