Sunday, August 2, 2009

Been on 'oliday.

Yeah, that's right, a holiday. Well... it started off as a holiday, a research trip/holiday. Top picture is me relaxing at a hill-top hotel (which used to be a monastery) in Naples - sorry you can't actually see Naples in this pic (yes, I could be in Melbourne for all you know). Next pic is me in the Villa of the Mysteries in Pompeii - and yes, the red colour in the frescoes really is that bright! But no, I have not become a cow-girl, its just that it was so hot I simply had to wear a hat. Then I went to an archaeological dig in Israel which involved a lot of early rising and physical exertion. It was mentally stimulating and educational for sure, but these pics show me boiling hot and sweaty - at least there was shade cloth. A more sensible and informative post to follow - as soon as I have time.


Frances said...

Fantastic photos, Caroline .. being on a dig sounds like my kind of holiday.

Caroline Tully said...

Hi Frances! Long time no chat. I just checked out your website - wow!

Yeah, a dig is very interesting. This one was very hot (at least by midday), but I'm sure lots of digs are hot... in the Middle East, not in chilly England I'd suppose. That'd probably be muddy.

Mike said...

Getting down and dirty.