Saturday, May 17, 2008

Women, Sacrifice and Cows

We're having an exhibition soon called 'Bias Bound' and I'm fiddling around with ideas for it. These are some half-done dolls which are informed by my study of the ancient world at University. They combine ideas about women - particularly women in Minoan garments such as the so-called 'Snake Goddess' - and animal sacrifice, particularly cows. They aren't meant to be historically correct, of course, and are simply collage sketches of ideas that just float around in my mind - although I am interested in links in ancient religion(s) between women and cows. I thought I might give them monstrous or angry heads, which I haven't done yet, and maybe arms, possibly holding snakes.


rachel said...

very nice they all need heads?

Caroline Tully said...

Hello young Rachel... no they do not need heads and perhaps they will not get them. I'm also planning on doing 4 more, 3 with tapestry skirts... if I can actually get it together to do the weaving!!!!!!

Yewtree said...

Is it me or does the last one have a skirt depicting a gorilla in front of the Potala Palace in Lhasa?