Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More 'offensive' than budding breasts?

There are a lot of artists who are much more 'offensive' than Bill Henson. Here are two of them: the Surrealist Hans Bellmer - who I actually like very much although I do wonder what he was thinking (reminds me of a TV show I saw on Japanese men who had really well-made life-size sex dolls which they treated as real); and the arty British brothers Jake and Dinos Chapman, now they are just offensive - but I think they are making a joke, a very black one, yes, but still some sort of jokey comment on something... I haven't actually ever researched them, so I don't really know what they are on about. They are obviously lunatics though, and I admire that.


Caroline Tully said...

Obviously no one actually reads my blog... otherwise you'd think someone would have been provoked by this latest post?

Anonymous said...

Problem is I agree with it so I was happy to let it stand.
David Waldron

Caroline Tully said...

Hooray, another comment!!!

Anonymous said...

I saw some related work at a surrealist exhibition in the UK a number of years back (possibly in Edinburgh?) Certainly thought provoking, in a good way.

Are you familar with Peter Miller's Eros ex Mathematica? Highly evocative renders of mathematical functions..