Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mighty Aphrodite

Children, the Kyprian is not the Kyprian alone, but she is called by many names. She is Hades, she is immortal life, she is raving madness, she is unmixed desire, she is lamentation; in her is all activity, all tranquility, all that leads to violence. For she sinks into the vitals of all that have life; who is not greedy for that goddess? She enters into the swimming race of fishes, she is within the four legged brood upon dry-land, and her wing ranges among birds… among beasts, among mortals, among the race of gods above. Which among the gods does she not wrestle and throw three times? If I may speak out – and I may speak out – to tell the truth, she rules over the heart of Zeus, without spear, without iron. All the plans of mortals and of gods are cut short by the Kyprian.

~Fragment attributed to Sophocles.

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