Sunday, August 5, 2007

At Work on the Past

Well, my "Long Service Leave" isn't restful or anything like that. I'm doing two quite difficult university subjects - 'Homeric Hymns and the Epic Cycle' in which I'm currently focussing on Aphrodite, and 'Current Issues in Aegean Archaeology' for which I am absolutely cramming in information on the Minoans and Mycenaeans to my brain. I really like reading... but this really has a lot of it. That's fine, its just a matter of actually getting the time to do it all. The archaeology subject is actually harder than the literature subject, but for both I have to produce fantastic essays, so its all hard really. But hey, I wanted to be mentally stimulated, and I am. I'm focussing on the faience "Snake Goddess" for my Minoan essay - perhaps that seems like a cliche, but there are lots of interesting things one can investigate regarding her. Plus we also have to do two more essays at the end of semester. Plus I've gotta tidy up my Wiccan Conference Presentations. So much to do, I'm glad I don't actually have to go to work as well. I'm really quite exhausted!

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