Saturday, January 7, 2023

Diana and Aradia Full Moon Workshop with Caroline Tully, 4 February

The power of the moon’s energies is undeniable, it affects the tides, our dreams, and our bodily cycles. The moon has been associated with magic since the beginning of time, across various cultures and traditions. It is connected to intuition, change, fluidity, reflection, and the element of water. Diana is the Roman goddess of the moon, patroness of the wilderness, hunters, crossroads, and childbirth.  She is often part of a triad, sometimes with two other Roman deities: Egeria the water nymph, and Virbius, the woodland god; or with Luna, the actual moon and Hekate, goddess of transitions. Aradia is the daughter of Diana by her brother Lucifer, the god of light, who was sent to earth to teach her followers magic. Best known from Charles G. Leland's book, Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches, first published in 1899, Aradia is a central figure in the modern witchcraft revival.

This workshop looks at the origins and histories of Diana and Aradia, their spheres of influence, sacred animals, relationships with other gods, and roles as patronesses of witchcraft. Participants will also experience a Full Moon ritual devoted to Diana and Aradia in order to establish and strengthen their own relationship with these goddesses.

The Presenter, Caroline Tully

Caroline has a background in various traditions of witchcraft and magic and is also an archaeologist who studies ancient Mediterranean Pagan religions and their manifestation in the modern world. She has written many articles and chapters on these topics and is the author of the book, The Cultic Life of Trees in the Prehistoric Aegean, Levant, Egypt and Cyprus (Peeters 2018). Caroline reads Tarot and is a regular workshop facilitator on a range of magical subjects at Muses of Mystery, Melbourne’s finest metaphysical destination.

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