Saturday, December 26, 2020

Upcoming Workshops


The Devil’s Mischief    6 Feb 2021

Who is the Devil and what is his association with witchcraft? This workshop will explain the history of the Devil, covering his relationship to ancient Pagan gods, biblical angels, special humans, and his connection to witchcraft today. Join Dr Caroline Tully in this seminar and tutorial in order to learn how to utilise the Devil’s tools of glamour, bedazzlement, wonderment and fascination via techniques of High and Low Magic. Through discussion and practical ritual, ancient and modern approaches to enchantment will be revealed.


Heka: Egyptian Magic   20 Feb 2021

The death of Cleopatra 2,050 years ago marked the end of Pharaonic Egypt; however, the distinctive Egyptian expressions of religion, art and culture were so strong that they still influence us today. Egyptology is closely linked to modern witchcraft and this workshop explains the connection. Tracing Egyptian influence through ancient Rome and the Renaissance, and incorporating mummy unwrapping, Egyptian Style funerary monuments and Art Déco style, the influence of ancient Egypt on our magical forbears will become evident. Complemented by practical ritual, this workshop provides the background and tools you need in order to tap into ancient Egyptian ‘Heka’ or magic.


Who’s Who in Australian Witchcraft: History and Practice  March 2021
Witchcraft in Australia has its own special character as a result of both its history, in regard to the various importations from Britain, Europe and the USA, as well as Australia’s physical position on the planet.
Join Dr Caroline Tully in this workshop in order to discover when the Craft came to Australia, who was involved, and how witchcraft is practised Downunder. This workshop looks at who’s who in Australian witchcraft, from its first appearance to today, explains the different manifestations of the craft, and instruction in contemporary approaches to Australian magic.


The presenter: Caroline Tully is interested in the practical side of magic and has been a modern Witch since 1985. She has written for many Pagan and occult publications and was a feature writer for Australia’s Witchcraft Magazine for six years. Caroline is also an archaeologist who studies ancient Mediterranean Pagan religions and their manifestation in the modern world.   


Workshops will be held at Muses of Mystery



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