Friday, July 31, 2015

Bronze Age Fairies from Minoan Crete?

I've got an interview in the current issue of the Fairy Investigation Society Newsletter 2, New Series, July 2015, pages 11‒19, on the question of whether hovering human figures in the glyptic art of Late Bronze Age Crete could be considered fairies. Initially to access the interview you had to be a member of the Fairy Investigation Society but now I've uploaded it on here.


Stephen Faust said...

Hovering? Well, the feet do look a bit hovery, but then the feet always look a bit hovery regardless. Size was more often a matter of perspective, or an indicator of relative importance (especially so in Egyptian art) was it not?

Caroline Tully said...

Not in the case of hovering figures in Minoan art.

Unknown said...

I think also the upward flowing hair may be an indicator of descent.