Thursday, July 18, 2013

Australian Imbolc: 1 August

In the night sky Aquila the Eagle rises in the east, succeeded by Capricornus and, later, Aquarius. This is early spring when the weather oscilates between the cold of winter and warmer spells that herald true spring. The bush is a riot of flowering wattles, many birds are nesting, tree ferns unfold new fronds and eucalypts display new growth. Sheep in various southerly parts of Australia lactate around this time, fitting in nicely with the traditional symbolism of this sabbat. In northern Australia it is the start of the hot dry season; the weather feels stuffy and the earth begins to dry up. Creeks, waterholes and swamps evaporate, grass shrivels, and the native vegetables of the previous season become more difficult to find. This is the time when the dingoes give birth, turtles and snakes lay their eggs, and freshwater crocodiles start nesting.

Meditation: The first butterflies emerge now. It is said that the flutter of a butterfly's wing in one part of the world can cause a cyclone elsewhere. Small efforts can produce great results. Insignificant actions can manifest in strange futures. All beings and phenomena are connected; touching one strand of the Web of Wyrd can affect the entire structure. This is a time to be alert, refreshed, lucid, to act mindfully and to cultivate forethought.

Image of Aquila from Mr. Eclipse
Text from "The Sabbats" in Practising the Witch's Craft.


Syrbal/Labrys said...

Here, we will have the cross-circle festival of Lughnasahd. Except here, in this house, we don't really party and there is no fire as the woods are too dry.

It is a working "fest" here....highlighted by jam making, mead kegging/bottling, ice cream sandwich making, and trying to keep the gardens wet and alive through the dry.

Time the dragonfly over the bird bath.

Ly de Angeles said...

Feast, make love, be book and boogie. I love this transition. Catch you soon for a coffee and chat. Ly x

Chastity said...

This is fantastic!