Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jerusalem Old City Spraypaint

These images are from 2011 and continue on from my 2010 pics of Jerusalem Old City Spraypaint. [P.C. Disclaimer: I'm not 'favouring' Islamic religion over Judaism here (in Jerusalem), by focussing on these images]. I am interested in the bright spraypaint on the old Jerusalem stone, plus of course I am intereted in the religious theme as well as in the beautiful Arabic script.


Ankh af na Khonsu said...

What does the graffiti mean? Is there much Hebrew graffiti? Is there much really old graffiti?

Caroline Tully said...

Basically it means either "welcome to the second most important site for Muslim pilgrims in the world" (i.e. the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem), or, it means "We went on a pilgrimage to the second most holy site for Muslims in the world". I have been told both versions, most recently I was told it was the "Welcome to" version. Anyway... I think it is the second most important pilgrimage site for Muslims after Mecca - because this is where Mohammed went on a night journey to Heaven, accompanied by the angel Gabriel.

Caroline Tully said...

And yes, there is Hebrew graffitti, but not in the Muslim part of Jerusalem. And yes, there is old graffitti, off the top of my head I can think of tomb graffitti. We actually had someone studying tomb graffitti - Karen Stern - visit us in Israel. Listen to her interview here: