Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Once Was Tarot Reader

Yes, Once Was Tarot Reader! I'm referencing the New Zealand film title "Once Were Warriors". Trusty Facebook has materialized an ex-boss and long lost friend, Nigel Cooper, who employed me as a Tarot Reader in his shop Mythical Moon back in the very early 1990s. Today he posted this photo of me onto his and my Facebook pages. It comes from newspaper coverage of his shop from back then, but I've never owned a copy of it and had only seen it once before in a tiny newspaper version several years after it was taken. I like it because it brings back memories of my life then - before I was a Tapestry Weaver, a job I took up straight after the Tarot job and which I've only just left in order to do a full time PhD. I'm also quite fascinated by the way I look so skinny in this photo. Not that I am saying that skinny is great, I'm just interested in how the older you get the fleshier you can also get - but not always and not everyone - apparently it's our metabolism... Not that I'm phat now, but I am rather... embonpoint. Sorry if all this mirror-gazing comes across as plain vain, I do admit to being quite interested in my own life - which doesn't mean that I am not also interested in others, I am!


Unknown said...

Much more then a tarot reader, a truly gifted witch and practitioner of the magikal arts, (and science), a wicked sense of humour and, strangely, pragmatic – (Capricorn??). Oh, and a very good friend.

Caroline Tully said...

Oh Nigel, stop feeding my ever hungry vanity!!!!!!!!!!!!