Thursday, November 27, 2008

The High Priestess Anari

I've decided to post an etherealised image of The High Priestess Anari a.k.a Moina Mathers a.k.a. Mina Bergson fading in - or out - of view in her Paris 'Rites of Isis' guise because lately I've been thinking about how much the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn influenced the 20th century Magickal and Pagan revival. Basically, A Lot! The original members of the G:.D:. used to seem rather far away in time from me (us) but now they seem really quite near, it was only a little over 100 years ago after all when the G:. D:. was formulating what would end up influencing the way 'magic' is conceptualised by later groups such as Wicca and Wiccan-derived Neo-Paganism. Whether you belong[ed] to a 'authentic lineage' of the G:.D:. or are familiar with their curriculum through your own research and application, I think we have a lot to thank them for, especially the mammoth research effort put in by S.L. MacGregor Mathers. Although they are generally classified as 'ceremonial magicians' I think the early G:.D:. are as 'Pagan' as contemporary Neo-Pagans really - with all the variations that that title encompasses, i.e. a range from theurgy to devotional approaches to non-Christian deities.

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Humberto Maggi said...

Hi, Caroline.

I just entered the Strega Group, anf found your scrying picture.

Scrying is a techinique I never made to work, maybe you could tell how it works for you?

Last time I went to London, I took some not-so-good pictures of the famous Mather's painting by Moina. Tell me if you want a copy.

Humberto Maggi.