Monday, July 2, 2007

Scarlet Woman

We're big book buyers here at Necropolis Now. Some may say we are worshippers of the scribal god, Thoth, and they wouldn't be wrong. The latest book I got - just today - was a fab one called "Damned: An Illustrated History of the Devil" by Robert Muchembled (Seuil/Chronicle 2002). It's big format and glossy, but I got it quite cheap from Clouston & Hall Booksellers - they are based in Canberra. Here's a pic I like from the book called "The Devilish Temptress" by Cecilio Pla Gallardo (1900). It originally graced the cover of a publication called "Blanco y Negro". If you're interested in this sort of sinister depiction of women, I recommend checking out Bram Dijkstra's book "Idols of Perversity: Fantasies of Feminine Evil in Fin-De-Siecle Culture" (Oxford University Press 1986).

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