Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Skull Art

Here are three artistic enditions of skulls that I rather like. First, from the bottom upwards, is the rather painterly "Skull-Burger 2" by Ben Quilty. Second, is "Skull - 1st Anniversary" by Samuel Tupou, and third (top) is "Mother Skull" by eX de Medici.


Yvonne said...

I like those. You should have seen the sugar skulls we decorated last Samhain. We also have a very nice skull with a friendly face (kind of Mexican day of the Dead style) that we bought in Tesco's, of all places, last Samhain.

Caroline Tully. said...

I really think I need to *go* to Mexico. I just bet there's great shopping, food... and I recently saw a doco on Frida Kahlo and was reminded of her cute paintings and decorative folksy self.