Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Journey to the Afterlife

Well I spent 6 hours at the Art Gallery of South Australia looking at the Egyptian antiquities, I also looked at the Edward Burne-Jones tapestry and other Arts and Crafts movement objects, which were very nice. The Egyptian antiquities needed to be looked at several times each, so I went through the exhibit 3 times, each time seeing things I hadn't before. It was very worthwhile, but one really needs time to look properly, which I made myself do. It paid off because I eventually discovered some very important little images on papyrus, relevant to my studies, depicting the hieroglyphs and drawings that make up The Book of Going Forth By Day (a.k.a. The Egyptian Book of the Dead). I could have easily missed them because they were so tiny. The catalogue of the exhibition is good, and inexpensive for its quality. Do I recommend this exhibition? Sure do.

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