Monday, June 4, 2007

A Canopic Shrine

You can see how the Eastgate mausoleum looks a bit like a Canopic shrine. Maybe that's where the designers got the idea from?


Broomstick Chronicles said...

I know what a canopic shrine is, but many readers may not. You might consider saying what it is like you did when you explained the difference between a vault and a mausoleum.

I love this stuff!

Caroline Tully. said...

Hi Macha, OK, well a canopic shrine, I believe, held the canopic jars which had the organs of the deceased in them. The organs were looked after by the Four Sons of Horus: Imsety (with head of a man), Qebehsenuef (hawk-headed), Hapy (Baboon-headed) and Duamutef (Jackal-headed). Imsety was associated with Isis, protected the liver and the south, Qebehsenuef was associated with Serket and protected the intestines and the west, Hapy was associated with Nepthys and protected the lungs and the north, and Duamutef was associated with Neith and protected the stomach and the east. I think the canopic jars were kept in, or transported to the tomb in the canopic shrine/chest.