Friday, June 15, 2007

My profession.

So what is it I actually do I hear you asking? Well, as it says on my 'about me' page, I'm a professional craftsperson and a writer. My professional craft is weaving - tapestry weaving in the medieval tradition to be precise - and I write about witchcraft. My Craft name is Circe, after the famous ancient Greek witch from Homer's Odyssey, she was a weaver witch as you will discover if you read the book. I don't know if she also wrote, but she certainly sang. Here's a picture of Circe the weaving witch mixing up a potion for Odysseus, probably in order to turn him into a pig which is what she did with his companions before him. To the right you can see her loom, it is a warp-weighted loom, which is what the ancient Greeks used.

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