Saturday, June 9, 2007

Who says skinny is best?

I'm so sick of the cult of the anorexic. It is unfortunate that modern girls don't realise that the corpse look hasn't always been the model of beauty that is is thought to be, as pumped by trash magazines. Who says you have to be a stick? The craftsperson who made this image of the Goddess Ishtar obviously liked a more fecund female form.


elisa said...

Thanks for posting this, I just love this goddess figure and it helps me to feel better about the way my body looks. (that's a hard struggle for me, some day's I'm ok and happy, but the dark times, I try to ignore my body.)

Caroline Tully. said...

I love this goddess figurine too, and I've seen other, slightly different versions of it. I think if you look at examples of the female body in previous eras - not even that long ago - you see that women were not expected to have 'washboard abs' - I mean that's ridiculous. Nobody would have such stomach muscles from doing normal manual labour anyway. Even in the 1960's - before Twiggy - women were fleshy.

Laura Jean Karr said...

I agree, there is way too much propensity to push the stick look and in our culture it's really disturbing. My five year old started to change her eating habits because some kids at school called her fat. She's only five!