Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Anatomist

I'm always yelling at the TV when watching "The Anatomist" - the gory show about human dissection - "Take off your hat. Why have you got that hat on?" because corpse-fancier and inventor of plastination, Gunter Von Hagen, always keeps his very un-medical head gear on. The hat stays, whether Gunter is removing a woman's digestive system from - I believe the technical term is "arsehole to breakfast" or using a meat saw to carve up another woman he once knew. The hat, along with the mad scientist blue gown (which I quite like), makes Gunter look like a weirdo. (He is not wearing the blue gown in this photo, but the hat is still glued on). I just think that if he wants us, the viewing public, to think he's normal, and not someone with an unhealthy obsession with dead bodies, then he should attempt to look more like a medical man, and less like a Ressurection man! You can see that I'm a frustrated stylist, can't you.

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