Thursday, June 7, 2007

Witchery, also an art experience?

I may as well go on and say that I think my identification as a Witch also has a lot to do with musing on visual imagery, including art. We Witches do love our real-world ritual objects and our "be here now" physicality in the exercise of our religion, don't we? Here's a picture I used to spend a lot of time looking at, and relating to the way I *wanted* to be as a Witch. It comes from a Black Sabbath album cover (you know, they used to be good way back when...). My love of this image had to do with my romanticisation about living in the country (near a cool town though), indulging in a fantasy world of costume, herb cultivation and posturing amongst other like-minded souls. I also love how the photo has been taken with infra red film. A friend and I did once take a lot of infra red photographs in Kew Cemetery, trying to achieve something like this image. I'm not sure we were able to get our pics grainy enough however. I don't get the reverie I used to from this image, although I still really like it.

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Hecate said...

I used to do the same thing w/the 9 of Pents from Robin Wood. Now, I'm living that life, w/ all the good and all the bad writ large. Choose your images carefully.