Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hieronymus Bosch

Who does not love Hieronymus Bosch? I sure do. Do you know what his name means? It means "holy name", you may be more familiar with it as 'Jerome'. What a fantastic doodler he was. Here's a little image of some altar piece doors, showing his idea of how one gets to the afterlife - through a tunnel with the help of an angel apparently. There have been many words written about Bosch's supposed membership of the heretical "Bretheren of the Free Spirit", but then others say that he was not a member at all. If you want to see Bosch paintings close up, the Prado in Spain is the art gallery to go to.


Hecate said...

He had such an amazing imagination.

Anonymous said...

well said...said I..rachel

Anonymous said...

i love bosch to and this show how much http://www.digart.pl/zoom/1540039/Bosch_teepot.html