Thursday, November 20, 2008

Party Poster Collages by Me

I made these collages for a Samhain party in 1997. We - my friends and I - used to always have a big Samhain party in Melbourne every year but eventually I got burned out and gave up on organising it. However, one of my friends, Philippe, kept the party going on for about ten more years. It might still be going for all I know. These images were on the back of the invitation for 1997 and on the front was a fleshy Witch on a broom image by the artist Coop. The collages were actually black and white - I just did them with a photocopier, scissors and gluestick (I love gluestick!) and I've coloured them for my blog.


Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

I was just thinking the top one put me in mind of Rosaleen Norton - then I saw her face in the bottom one! It's great that she is still remembered and still inspiring other artists.

Anonymous said...

Good work! Gives me ideas for creating something similar for Yule cards...! *;^)

InĂªs Raven said...

I loved the first one!
It's a great idea to an invitation.